SCS900 Update
New SonarMite
New SonarVista

Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year.

bulletJul 2011  --  Windows 7 versions of software released
bulletMay 2011  -- SCS900 update with less tight filtering
bulletJan 2011  -- EDAS under rebuild for Virtual Server Use
bulletNov 2010  -- EDAS automatic web output
bulletNov 2010  -- Bug Fix SCS900 2.71 (build 95 or later)
bulletJan 2010 -- Updated Sonar Vista released
bulletNov 2009  -- Updated  Tablet PC  SCS900  driver released

Recent Media Coverage of Lymtech

bulletAIS Aid to Navigation applications, Hydro International, Jan 2010 & Feb 2010
bulletTide & Weather over AIS, Hydro 2008, October 2008
bulletUpdated SonarMite release, Hydro International, June 2006
bulletSmall boat Hydrography, Engineering Showcase, October 2006
bulletHydrographic review, Dredging & Port Construction, September 2006
bulletTrimble Bootcamp Europe, Geomatics World, June 2006


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